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Co-operatives Research Unit

 The Co-operatives Research Unit (CRU) is based at the Open University at Milton Keynes in the UK. The Open University is one of the best known distance learning institutions in the world. CRU has nearly 30 years of experience in research, training, consultancy and publications related to co-operatives, social enterprise and other organisations in the social economy.

It has three main aims:
  • to encourage and develop thinking and research on issues of importance to the social economy sector;
  • to support the development of co-operatives and other organisations trading for social or ethical purposes;
  • to work with practitioners, policy makers and researchers at European, national and local levels to develop comparative analyses of issues for improving policy, development and management.
This website gives you more information about the work of CRU, what it offers you, and how to get in touch. It also provides really good links to other sites - see useful contacts on the left hand side of this page.